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Ubisoft Entertainment, a leading game development, distribution and publishing company, announced that it has officially released the multiplayer party game OddBallers.

Oddballers is a delightful brawling game inspired by dodgeball. It is characterized by an intense sense of hitting by throwing ridiculous and bizarre objects at the opponent. Players can enjoy chaotic battles using outlandish weapons such as electric fences, gas cylinders, and tennis ball machines in more than 30 different concept arenas, such as rural farms, coastal villages, and paradise islands.

Every arena in Oddballers has its own rules and frantic mini-games. Players can enjoy unpredictable game contents such as ‘last man standing’, ‘team-based battle’, ‘running at the risk of their lives wearing a rooster costume’, and ‘conquering opponents with fresh fish’ to experience a different kind of fun. .

Oddballers provides various customization features that can enhance players’ immersion in the game. First, players can meet hundreds of costumes and hairstyles that can decorate their characters full of personality. In addition, you can adjust the game time and difficulty to your liking, and you can create and enjoy your favorite mini-game playlist.

Oddballers has been released on various platforms such as Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, and the game can be played in compatibility mode on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S. Oddballers can be played by up to 6 friends, and cross-play is supported so players on different platforms can enjoy the game together. More information about Oddballers can be found on the official website.



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