Ubisoft is giving away its legendary game for free

Until the end of November (November), you can get the now legendary stealth action Splinter Cell for free from the online Ubisoft Store. Ubisoft is offering Splinter Cell for free to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Agent Sam Fischer series.

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The Splinter Cell game was released in 2002 and thus started a successful series, which already has seven video games to date. Canadian studio Ubisoft Montreal is behind the game. In Splinter Cell, you play Agent Sam Fischer, who is a former US Navy Seal officer and is currently a member of the National Security Agency (NSA), or rather its new division called the Third Section. Sam is tasked with investigating the disappearance of two CIA agents who disappeared without a trace in Georgia while on duty. In the game you are not limited only to the territory of this post-Soviet republic, but you will also visit the United States, Burma or, for example, the Chinese embassy while completing missions. The game is inspired by the work of writer Tom Clancy.

There are a total of 14 missions to complete in the game and it is estimated that it will take around 13 hours of your time to complete this game. If you like the play of light and shadow and carefully planned stealth progression, then this game is for you. While completing the missions you have to avoid triggering the alarm and in some missions you are even forbidden to kill. You can stun enemies. Your equipment will help you proceed silently and undetected. It’s worth shooting the lights so you can go unnoticed. Splinter Cell is probably the second best game in the series. The third part of Chaos Theory retains the championship.

Splinter Cell received a metacritic rating of 91 from expert reviewers and an 8.5 metascore from gamers.

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You can get the Splinter Cell game for free on this link.

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