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Ubisoft mixes in the battle genre with the futuristic Hyper Scape. The game is created by the studio who is also responsible for Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft has started a beta for PC gamers, but joining can only be done by watching Twitch streams.

In Hyper Scape a hundred players compete against each other. The free-to-play game focuses on fast-paced gameplay and seems to compete mainly with Apex Legends. The game is set in a virtual city called Neo Arcadia. Ubisoft Montreal is the developer, who also makes Ubisoft’s popular shooter Rainbow Six Siege studio.

Ubisoft adds a number of tweaks to the battleroyal concept to differentiate the game from competitors. As usual, the playing field gets smaller as more players die, but the moment the circle is at its smallest, the game transforms into a capture the flag mode. In the current testing phase, the game is played in teams of three players. The team that holds a flag for 45 seconds wins. Also, a team can still win by eliminating the opponents.

Hyper Scape does not have unique characters with different abilities. All players are equal and can use the same weapons. During a game, players can find and upgrade weapons by combining two to create a stronger variant. The same goes for abilitieswhich are found in the game world and players can bet up to two.

From July 2 to 8, Ubisoft is organizing a technical test for PC players. Gamers must secure an invite by registering on the Hyper Scape website and then watching Twitch streams of the game. Players who do that have a chance to receive an invitation. Ubisoft uses the same marketing tactic that Riot Games used for its shooter Valorant. That yielded one record viewership on Twitch partly because interested parties created multiple Twitch accounts to leave different streams open at the same time in order to increase the chance of participating in the beta.

It is not known how many people can participate in the beta test of Hyper Scape. Ubisoft says to adjust that to the server load ‘and many other factors’. Also, the beta is not available in all regions, but it is available in the Netherlands and Belgium. The game should be available to everyone later this year, when exactly has not yet been announced. The game will also be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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