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AARHUS – The Indonesian team was brushed off 0-5 by Japan in the follow-up match of Group A Uber Cup 2020. women’s single country, Esther Nurumi Tri Wardoyo became the last Indonesian representative who was made helpless by Japan, precisely through Aya Ohori with a score of 14-21 and 7-21 on Tuesday (12/10/2021) night WIB.

Playing at Ceres Arena, Aarhus, Denmark, Ester still looks stiff in the early points. Meanwhile, Aya appeared straightforward and looked calm, returning the shuttle that Esther had released.

Esther’s points were only stuck at five in the first interval. Aya managed to score several points with strong smashes to the front of Ester’s defense. The score was 11-5 for Aya’s advantage.

Entering the second interval, Esther got a breath of fresh air. She was able to almost catch up by scoring up to 10 points. But on the other hand, Aya also consistently added point by point.

Esther was only able to reach number 14 in this interval. Aya also closed the first game with a 21-14 victory.

In the second game, Ester looks more and more insistent in playing. But on the other hand, Aya’s defense was so strong that it made Esther exhausted.

The incident in the first game was repeated in this game, Ester could only collect 5 points, while Aya strolled with 11 points in the first interval.

In the next eleven points, Aya still performed consistently by outwitting Esther several times. Esther was always overwhelmed, especially when she faced the shuttle that was often directed to the front position.

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Until finally, Esther was only able to add two points in the second interval. While Aya won with a score of 21-7 in the second game.

Despite suffering a 0-5 defeat, Indonesia has confirmed itself to advance to the quarter-finals because it occupies the runner-up position in Group A. Meanwhile, Japan is the top of the standings.

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