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UAQ’s Quivax Covid-19 Vaccine Project: Prototypes, Funding, and Future Outlook

The Quivax vaccine project against Covid-19 concluded with the delivery of four protein prototypes and one in nucleic acid format; As part of the results of the research and the infrastructure that was acquired to carry it out, the Vaccine Laboratory will be inaugurated at the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ).

Regarding resources, own resources were used and also obtained by the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AMEXCCID), three million 267 thousand pesos were used. From the Vaccination and fundraising events, in which support was received from society, six million 180 thousand pesos were received, which were used for the acquisition of materials and reagents, maintenance, payment of fees, laboratory services and payment of audits.

“Scientific talent, which we have in Mexico, is not enough; we need political will,” for the management of resources, for the gathering of teams and for the organization,” said the rector of the UAQ, Teresa García Gasca, the rector. considered that the project can advance, since it has all the necessary characteristics to continue. The lack of support at the federal level for the development of the Covid-19 vaccine project was the main reason why the UAQ approach did not advance further.

The rector explained that the decision was made to allocate 250 thousand pesos for the payment of an audit that documents the way in which the vaccine resources were used, so this generated a deficit for payment to the Center. of Advanced Studies Research (Cinvestav). García Gasca said that management will be sought to fulfill this commitment.

Juan Joel Mosqueda Gualito said that it is necessary to continue with the development of vaccines that protect against the variants and subvariants that will continue to be developed, since those that were applied during the health emergency were designed for the initial strain. The Quivax 2.1 project demonstrated that antibodies were generated against most of the variants of concern prevalent at the time the mouse experiments were carried out.

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As results of the project, a scientific manuscript accepted by Frontiers in immunology was also obtained; three theses; one master’s degree and two bachelor’s degrees; an approved form patent; four collaboration agreements with companies and national institutions and a book chapter. Researcher Lineth Juliana Vega Rojas will be in charge of the Vaccine Laboratory.

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