UAE Ministry of Health Launches Cancer Prevention Initiatives including Vaccination for School Boys

The Ministry of Health and Prevention revealed its intention, within its qualitative initiatives to combat cancer, to include a vaccination for males from school students for the age group 13 to 15 years, to be applied in the academic year 2023-2024.

The Federal National Council stated that it had received an official letter from the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, in which it reviewed the most important 14 major initiatives, implemented by the Ministry in cooperation with local health authorities and institutions in the fight against cancer, which resulted in the country being at the forefront of regional countries and its superiority at the international level in the field of reducing cancer rates. incidence of cancer and reduce deaths resulting from it.

According to the report of the Federal National Council, which was approved last Wednesday, the country completed the process of vaccinating 82% of the target groups within the national program for cervical cancer vaccinations for females aged 13 to 15 years during the past year 2022.

According to the report, the approved initiatives include accelerating the registration of modern drugs for the treatment of cancer, providing global expertise that the country is keen to attract in the field of oncology, in addition to devices and equipment, and launching the early detection program for cancer (reassurance / check), which is applied according to The latest and best clinical practices in the field of health care, and awareness campaigns on the importance of early detection of cancer.

The initiatives included raising the efficiency of service providers in the early detection of cancer program, and partnership between the government sector and the private sector to provide the required treatment and health care for cancer patients by facilitating referrals to specialized centers in the country, as well as increasing the number of hospitals that provide treatment services to cancer patients from 20 hospitals in 2016 to more than 30 hospitals in 2021.

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The report indicated that the initiatives implemented by the Ministry included the launch of the national plan for cancer control and prevention with the aim of reducing the death rate from cancer diseases by 30% by 2030, and issuing the sixth edition of the National Cancer Registry, which is a major reference for all health authorities in the country, supporting research. science related to cancer.

A healthy lifestyle policy was also launched to reduce the spread of non-communicable diseases, including cancer, imposing selective taxes on tobacco products, energy drinks and sweetened drinks due to their relationship to cancer, enacting legislation for food standards to reduce the consumption of salt and saturated fats to reduce their consumption due to their relationship to cancer.

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