UAE and Turkey Partnership: Confronting Climate Change and Achieving Sustainability

Shaban Bilal (Cairo)

The UAE is making intensive efforts at all levels to effectively confront the effects and challenges of climate change, especially after the repercussions have become a threat to the planet, and within the framework of the country hosting the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change at its twenty-eighth session (COP28) in November Next, it will expand its strategic partnerships with all concerned countries and international organizations.
Experts point out that the partnership between the UAE and Turkey supports development opportunities and confronting climate change and its effects, as Turkey faces great challenges with regard to climate change, like most countries in the world.
The international expert in climate, Professor of Water Resources, Dr. Muhammad Daoud, believes that Turkey is one of the three countries in the Mediterranean region and West Asia most affected by climate change at the end of the twenty-first century, according to the World Bank report issued in the year 2022, due to natural and demographic factors and conditions such as The population increase and the exposure of some of its regions to floods, forest fires and drought, in addition to the high percentage of the agricultural sector’s contribution to the Turkish national economy.
Daoud pointed out that among the other factors that increase the effects of climate change in Turkey, transportation is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, power generation on coal, and the wasteful use of energy in construction and reconstruction projects.

common aspirations
The international expert stated that economic and technological cooperation between the two countries would enhance the approach of the two countries towards the issue of climate change, and Turkey will participate in the twenty-eighth session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) this year, which is hosted by the UAE at Expo Dubai. The ambition of the two countries is great, to support the global climate action process, and to face the challenges and issues related to carbon emissions and sustainable development.
Daoud stated that one of the most important aspirations is to reach zero emissions, combat the impact of waste on the environment, and work to recycle and benefit from it, in addition to investment programs in relying on new and clean renewable energy such as solar energy, green economy, sustainability, and many other areas affecting the reduction of impacts. negative effects of climate change.
Daoud pointed to the keenness of the two countries to enhance joint cooperation within the framework of work with international and multilateral organizations, in a way that contributes to supporting the Emirati-Turkish efforts in the file of combating the effects of climate change, communication, coordination and exchange of bilateral experiences, and continuing to encourage investment to avoid the repercussions of climate change.
The international expert added that the UAE is witnessing a new and advanced stage of work to achieve the highest global rates in preserving the environment, and reduce dependence on materials that affect it, such as plastic, and replace it with biodegradable materials, to reduce pollution, and preserve the balance of wildlife and natural life.
In this regard, Dawood praised the strategic initiative launched by the UAE to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and the “Agricultural Innovation for Climate” initiative, which is a major global initiative led by the UAE and the United States of America, with the participation of more than 35 countries with the aim of research and development in the field of agriculture with advanced systems and modern irrigation. To enhance water use efficiency, increase agricultural production, and achieve water and food security.
During the COP28 presidency, the UAE is working to respond to the global progress in implementing the goals of the Paris Agreement in a practical and effective manner.

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For his part, Turkish economist and member of the Turkish Businessmen Association, Dr. Yusuf Oglu, said that cooperation and partnership between the UAE and Turkey enhance global collective action to confront climate change, and Turkey welcomes strategic partnerships with the UAE, and benefit from its advanced expertise.
Davutoğlu explained to Al-Ittihad that the UAE’s hosting of the COP28 Climate Summit strengthens the ties of bilateral, regional and strategic cooperation between Turkey and the UAE to face climate challenges, the trend towards the use of clean and renewable energy, and the goal of zero carbon emissions, especially since the UAE has made leaps in energy production. Achieving sustainability and adapting to climate change during the last period. He pointed out that the UAE has extended an invitation to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to attend the climate summit at the end of this year, which is expected to take practical steps away from words or promises, which will contribute significantly to finding solutions and implementing international commitments to confront climate change.

UAE experiences
For his part, Turkish political analyst Jevad Gok believes that the climate issue is a priority for the two countries, and that the UAE has distinguished experiences and expertise in facing the repercussions of climate change, and has implemented significant projects to achieve sustainability, use clean energy and reduce emissions, which Turkey can benefit from through bilateral partnership. . Gök told Al-Ittihad that Turkey, through its location, is facing the challenges and repercussions of climate change, especially the drop and rise in temperatures at unprecedented rates, population growth, waste recycling, reduction of fossil fuels and green transformation, which requires international cooperation.

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