“U.S. authorities investigate suspects in Nashville explosion”

US investigative authorities are investigating a suspect in an explosion in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday (26th local time), the Associated Press reported.

According to the AP, two law enforcement officials said yesterday that federal investigators had identified a suspect related to the Nashville explosion and were searching homes related to the person.

In this regard, Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Investigator Jason Pack said several federal and local agency investigators had obtained information related to the investigation from their home in Antioch, a suburb of Nashville.

Another official who requested anonymity said investigators were considering the person being searched for as a suspect in the explosion.

The CBS broadcast cited an anonymous official and reported that Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, who lives in Nashville, was a suspect associated with the explosion.

However, Reuters said officials refused to confirm the suspect, saying, “At this point, we are not ready to confirm even a single suspect.”

At a press conference yesterday, Special Investigator Douglas Coneskey, who is in charge of the Memphis branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said at a press conference yesterday that more than 500 clues are being pursued and are investigating many people who may be related to the explosion.

He explained that 250 investigators, analysts, and FBI personnel have made progress in finding people or people who installed explosives in vehicles.

A parked recreational vehicle exploded in downtown Nashville on Christmas day early yesterday morning local time.

The remains were found at the site and the three injured were taken to a hospital.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)

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