U-23 National Team Wins, Baggott Rejects Indonesia

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Victory won U-23 National Team over Nepal with a score of 2-0 in test and decline Elkan Baggott strengthen Indonesian National team be the most popular sports news.

In addition, Jonatan Christie’s decision to withdraw from the Denmark Open due to injury has also become news that readers are interested in.

1. U-23 National Team Beat Nepal, Witan Scored

The Indonesian U-23 national team managed to beat Nepal with a score of 2-0 in a test match in Tajikistan, Friday (22/10).

The U-23 national team played a goalless draw against Nepal in the first round. Shin Tae Yong’s squad was only able to break into the opponent’s goal in the second half thanks to goals scored by Hanis Saghara and Witan Sulaeman.

This result made the U-23 Indonesian National Team won two victories in the test match. Previously, the U-23 national team beat Tajikistan 2-1.

2. PSSI Chairman: Elkan Baggott Rejects Indonesian National Team

Indonesian-blooded player who had a career in England, Elkan Baggott, claimed PSSI General Chair Mochamad Iriawan was reluctant to defend the Indonesian national team.

This was revealed by Iriawan after meeting Menpora Zainudin Amali to discuss the evaluation of Liga 1 and Liga 2 2021/2022 at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Friday (22/10). PSSI claimed to have contacted Baggot several times.

“Elkan Baggot has been contacted several times but doesn’t seem to want to defend our national team. We regret it. In the past, when they wanted to enter U-19, they chased us, but now they have been offered the existing national team, they have not responded,” said Iriawan.

3. Denmark Open Result: Jonathan Fails to Advance to Semifinals

Jonatan Christie failed to advance to the semifinals after being unable to finish his duel with Kento Momota due to a waist injury.

Jonathan decided to withdraw when the score was 0-15 in the second game. In the first game, Jonathan lost to Momota with a score of 13-21.

Jonathan finally withdrew from the match after complaining of pain in his waist to his coach, Irwansyah, during the second set interval.




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