Typing exploration adventure “Paperland” is free for a limited time, and EGS can receive permanent storage | 4Gamers

The limited-time free game that Epic Games gave away before the Lunar New Year is the highly acclaimed exploration adventure “Epistory – Typing Chronicles”, as long as you log in to the EGS store to claim the game, it can be permanently saved to the collection library.

“Paperland” is a new story-adventure work launched by the Belgian team Fishing Cactus in 2016. The art style of the game combines paper art and origami map design. The player will operate a girl riding a three-tailed red fox, narrated by the writer Next, unfold an adventure story, and in the game, in addition to typing and attacking to resolve the crisis, you also need to make choices to determine the direction of the story.

Epic Games Store’s free game “Paperland” is only available for free this weekDeadline at 00:00 on January 27, Taiwan timewhich can be stored permanently after receipt.

In addition, the game that Epic Games will give away next week is “ADIOS”.

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