Type 2 diabetes: If you follow this simple rule, you will get sickness under control

Most diabetics have type 2 diabetes. You don’t have to swallow tablets or inject insulin straight away. The following simple measure alone can help those affected to achieve normal blood sugar levels.

People with type 2 diabetes have a good chance of getting their illness under control by changing their diet and exercising more. Above all, obese diabetics should lose weight, explains the diabetologist Prof. Knut Mai from the Charité in Berlin. Because obesity and type 2 diabetes are closely related.

Greasy organs can also cause type 2 diabetes

In people with type 2 diabetes – the most common type of diabetes – the body produces the blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin, but it no longer works properly in the cells. This so-called insulin resistance can also occur due to fatty organs.

Reduce type 2 diabetic obesity and exercise more, the burning of fat is stimulated and the organs and muscles respond better to the insulin again. Those affected should therefore always strive for a healthier lifestyle. Medications are only used if this does not lead to the goal.

Losing weight quickly works with a formula diet, among other things

In order to achieve almost normal blood sugar levels, a rather large weight loss is helpful, emphasizes Prof. Andreas Pfeiffer from the German Institute for Nutritional Research (DIfE) Potsdam-Rehbrücke. Those who lose at least 15 kilograms within the first six years after diabetes became known, Does anyone have study from Britain according to the best chances.

The easiest way for extremely overweight patients to lose weight from Prof. Mai is with a so-called formula diet. Meals are partially or completely replaced by powder dissolved in liquid. “The patient consumes only 800 kilocalories a day for around eight weeks“explains Prof. Mai.

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A 220-kilo man loses over half of his weightthat’s what he looks like now,

Important for type 2 diabetes: maintain normal weight

It is important that this happens under medical supervision. Why? “Most of the time, rapid weight loss also lowers blood pressure – then the medication has to be adjusted accordingly. “According to Prof. Mai, with a formula diet, patients lose 8 to 15 percent of their body weight quickly.

According to Pfeiffer and Mai, it is more difficult to maintain the weight. “Unfortunately, we can see that the patient will gain weight again very soon,” says Mai. His tip: In a nutritional consultation you can learn what an optimal diet could look like, “Studies suggest that it should be high in protein and should have a low glycemic index.”

Mother loses half of her weightthanks to a little trick,

Exercise is just as important in diabetes as the right diet

Mai recommends relatives of those affected to go along with it, First, it is difficult to eat healthy when others around the table don’t. Second, a balanced diet is healthy for everyone.

In addition, exercise is important so that as much fat as possible, but little muscle mass, is lost during weight loss. Mai’s experience does that best in a group, “Find a training partner or an entire running group,” is his advice. So the inhibition threshold is higher not to go to training. Finally someone is waiting.


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Diabetes: You should know that

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Several million people in Germany suffer from a preliminary stage of diabetes, but are unaware of the danger. The symptoms are often quite general, but the following alarm signals can indicate an abnormally high blood sugar level. © dpa / dak
1. Blurred vision © dpa / dak
2. Deaf hands and feet © dpa / dak
3. Cravings © dpa / dak
4. Excessive urge to urinate © dpa / dak
5. Persistent fatigue © dpa / dak
6. Sudden weight loss © dpa / dak
7. Constant thirst © dpa / dak
8. Sexual disorders © dpa / dak
9. Badly healing wounds © dpa / dak
Nothing works without sugar in humans: neither the legs would take a step nor the brain grasp a clear thought. Like the car engine petrol, our body burns glucose and derives its energy from it. The brain alone consumes 140 grams per day! © dpa / dak
The body fetches the glucose from the food, it is transported to the organs via the blood and smuggled into it. But this glucose metabolism is disturbed in every tenth person. © dpa / dak
The hormone insulin, which is responsible for the absorption of sugar in the organs, plays a key role. At first it loses its effect unnoticed. In order to process the same amount of sugar, more insulin is needed. The body produces more and more insulin until the cells responsible for it die in the pancreas. © dpa / dak
As a result, the blood sugar in the blood rises dramatically, the organs are no longer adequately supplied with fuel and oxygen. The consequences are dramatic, such as heart attacks, kidney damage or poorly healing tissue. © dak
28,000 feet of diabetics are amputated in Germany each year. With the help of a special tuning fork, the doctor checks the vibration sensation of the foot and can derive further measures from it. © dpa / obs
The German Diabetes Association recommends that so-called fasting blood glucose tests are carried out by a family doctor every three years. Detected early, the disease is easy to treat. Can diabetes be cured? Read the latest from vaccination to stem cell therapy here … © dak
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