Tya Arestya Almost Accident on the Yogya-Jakarta Trip, Car Tires Are Stuck with Iron


Shocking news came from the beautiful artist Tya Ariesya, Mother. Some time ago, he revealed that he and his family almost had an accident on their way home from Yogyakarta.

This was revealed directly by Tya in his Instagram account. He uploaded a photo showing his car in a state of abrasion due to being hit by iron on the highway. Fortunately, he and his family did not suffer any injuries. However, it is undeniable that Tya was in shock after the incident.

“Almost an accident on the way home from Yogyakarta! WL We as a family are still protected, and now safely arrived in Jakarta,” he said, quoted from Instagram @tya_ariestya on Saturday (20/11/2021).

During the incident, Tya revealed that suddenly there was an iron that hit the back tire of the car to the inside. Almost 3/4 of the iron rotates about the car body.

“This is what happened suddenly stuck in a big iron with a sharp tip stab the tire had a hole and 3/4 of the other side of the iron was twirling around the car body until it was scratched like that,” explained the mother of two children.

On the way, Tya admitted that he was driving the car very carefully. He has also prepared a spare tire so that damaged tires can be replaced immediately.

“The point is that we have prepared everything as best we can, we are as heartfelt as possible, all of us have returned to His power,” said the 35-year-old woman.

At first, Tya onlyposting this incident on his Instagram Stories page. Apparently, there are many people who pray and hope that Tya and her family will always be under God’s protection.

“Thank you very much for your prayers in DM because I posted the story of what happened. WL We’re all okay, it’s just the car that has holes in the tires and the body is tattered, isn’t it?”

“Kids can still happy The journey continues and most importantly arrives safely at home,” added Tya.

After the incident, Tya had time mem-posting the moment when he panicked about this incident, Mother. He even said that this car he just bought a month ago.

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