Two years sentence for Hamo Beka on charges of insulting and defamation .. And Hani Shaker releases a fiery suspension

Yesterday, Saturday, the Dekheila Economic Misdemeanor Court in Alexandria sentenced festivals singer Hamo Beka to two years in prison and fined him 200,000 Egyptian pounds.

This comes after proof of the charges against him by the head of the Musicians Syndicate, Hani Shaker, who accused him of insulting, defamation and defamation; According to Shaker in his claim, Hamo Beka insulted a number of union employees and threatened to destroy its contents after refusing to grant him a permit to practice the profession.

The head of the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, Hani Shaker, commented, in a statement posted on the seventh day website, “The verdict issued today by the Dekheila Economic Misdemeanor Court in Alexandria is a victory for the Syndicate and its Board, all the union employees, legal affairs and all members of the General Assembly.”

He added, “This ruling came after the legal affairs of the Musicians Syndicate followed up on what Hamo Beka did, when he cursed the union and its employees and threatened to burn the union.”

Shaker continued: “The union filed a lawsuit against Hamo Beka, after he insulted the union, accused its members of being corrupt, and threatened to burn the union and hit the members, stressing that the ruling is evidence of the standing and prestige of the union.”



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