two years after losing his wallet in France, this Belgian gets it back… with the 1700 euros it contained!

Two years ago, this Belgian inadvertently left his wallet on the seat of the Palais bar in Montmorillon, France. “By clearing a table on the terrace after the departure of three customers, we found this wallet on a chair,” said Chantal and Thierry Girault, the bar owners, to our colleagues from the New Republic.

“We put him behind the counter while waiting for someone to pick him up. But when it closed, the wallet was still there. We opened up to see who it was and saw it was full of money. We didn’t want to keep him with such a sum, so we went to drop him off at the gendarmerie ”.

The police simply put the wallet in a safe, without writing a report. According to the New Republic, the Belgian and French embassies took two years to locate the owner of the wallet.


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