Two teenagers were shot in response to a question about growth: Incidents: World:

In the South Shore area in Chicago, 19-year-old Lara Buttle shot two teenagers after they inquired about his height. The two dead are 17-year-old Jacen Francis and 16-year-old Charles Riley. About this in an interview with ABC7 said the deputy chief of detectives Brendan Denihan.

According to him, everything happened on June 20 at 17 pm. Teenagers went to the store to buy candy.

It is assumed that a battle broke out between Battle and the teenagers, during which they asked what kind of guy he was. After that, the accused, whose height is about 183 centimeters, shot them. Francis was injured in the back, chest and left arm, Riley in the back and left leg. Both were hospitalized at the University of Chicago hospital, where they died.

“They hoped to someday become as tall as he was. But now, unfortunately, we can never see them to their full height, ”said the deputy chief of detectives in Chicago.

The accused fired about nine times, the police suggest, since the same number of cartridges were found at the scene.

Buttle was arrested after police watched video surveillance recordings. It is specified that previously the shooter was held accountable for the illegal use and storage of weapons. He is currently charged with double murder.

June 26, New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea declaredthat soon the US criminal justice system will fall apart, as the number of mass executions and killings has risen sharply throughout the country. He said that many criminal cases remained pending, uninvestigated and frozen. At the same time, he noted, each case is a victim and an accused, who was never brought to justice.

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