Two rescues on the mountain in full quarantine set off alarms


As in the middle of summer, the Club Andino Bariloche relief commission had to make two simultaneous outings last Sunday to rescue people who asked for help in mountain areas, despite the restrictions of the quarantine.

The good weather of the weekend encouraged thousands of residents of Bariloche to visit different circuits, which are covered in snow. In some cases they made excursions on skis, without sufficient experience.

This is what the person in charge of the CAB relief commission, Martín Raffo, stressed, who preferred not to give details of the bailouts “to avoid stigmatization” However, he said that the lack of prudence of those who leave at this time is worrisome. “Without the precautions and without the necessary equipment.”

He said that this Sunday was the first CAX operations since the quarantine began. As he indicated, in winter they are usually very few required, but this year the situation would be different because “There are many people who are in a hurry and anxious” to go to the mountains and “underestimate the conditions.”

Mayor Gustavo Gennuso also spoke about the matter and did not hide his anger. “It is hard for me to understand it, so much communication, so much TV, so much radio but we have not got to the heart of the problem,” said Gennuso, referring to the massive, group and unprotected exits that were recorded last weekend and that he He denounced himself with photos on social networks.

The mayor said that based on what happened in the Cathedral (where many people went to enjoy the snow, some with skis) it is most likely that they will postpone the opening of the hill. Speaking to FM Bariloche, he indicated that the date they were evaluating was “around July 15”, but they will not do it because “it is uncontrollable.”

I affirm that “the conditions are not given “and the municipality and the company Capsa agree on that.

“People do what they want and not what they should,” Gennuso said. In the face of criticism for his exposure of cases with photos on the networks, the mayor was justified. “I do it because there is danger of death – he said – why be nice if I want to save lives”.

Raffo reported that the aid commission received a call for two people lost in the Colonia Suiza area, who were found and dropped off around midnight on Sunday. Another man who had gone out on skis in a group that went to Cerro Goye, suffered an injury on the way down and also demanded the presence of the CAX.

According to Raffo, they had to mobilize about 10 rescuers in each operation. “There are many people who go without being trained or equipped and have no idea what they are doing,” he said.

He said that “being from Bariloche is not necessarily going to make you know the mountain. There are people who do not measure risk and are going to places they do not know or that only went in the summer. “

He noted that the injured man “I didn’t have the ski level”For the place where he ventured. At first it was believed that it was fractured, but later they found that it was not so serious. The same had to be helped to descend because he could not move by his own means.

Opening projects

The means of elevation in the winter centers are closed, as are the trekking circuits under the jurisdiction of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, whose mayor Horacio Paradela reported days ago about the evaluations underway to arrange an upcoming opening.

Raffo said that what happened should not condition that plan, but it will take “a lot of caution” from those who make mountain trips.

He added that the CAX is preparing a new primer with recommendations, because they are concerned about “people who get lost and who make wrong decisions”, even in this time of day, with extreme temperatures and a lot of snow.

Gennuso said that the control that the municipality can exercise is limited and any relaxation of the prohibitions will depend on “responsibility, and that people control themselves”.

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