Two penalties, red and shock! The Asian champion defeated the Brazilian giant and is in the final


Flamengo beat Al-Hilal 3-1 in their previous semi-final clash in 2019, but today they didn’t do well from the start. In the second minute after a fight with Matheuzinho, Vietto fell in the penalty area and referee Kovács ordered a penalty, much to the chagrin of the players of the Brazilian team. Davsári did not hesitate and sent an outsider from Saudi Arabia into the lead. Flamengo equalized in the 20th minute, Pedro took care of it with a cross shot to the back post.

At the end of the first half, the referee Kovács reviewed another fight in the goal on the monitor and ordered a second penalty for Al-Hilál for a light step. In addition, the Romanian referee gave Gerson a second yellow card, much to his astonishment, and sent him off. The Brazilian midfielder was reprimanded for the first time in the 15th minute for simulating in the penalty area.

Davsári did not hesitate even from the second penalty and sent his team back into the lead in the ninth minute of regulation.

Frustrated players of the Brazilian team no longer had the mental strength to reverse the numerical disadvantage. In the 59th minute, the crossbar saved them from the third goal, but in the 70th minute, Vietto made it through with the help of the crossbar. In the first minute of regulation, Pedro reduced the score with his second shot of the match after a close-range finish, but the favorite was unable to equalize.

Flamengo, which was seeded straight into the semi-finals, will not follow up on its 2019 final appearance in its second start at the club championship. Al-Hilal will finish on the imaginary podium for the first time.

FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco – Semi-Finals:
Flamengo – Al-Hilál 2:3 (1:2)
Goals: 20th and 90th+1 Pedro – 4th and 45th+9 both from pen. S. Davsári, 70. Vietto. Referee: Kovács (Romania). ČK: 45.+8 Gerson (Flamengo).
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