Two options KNVB for resuming amateur football | Football

sport“>Due to the current lockdown, which took effect in December and was extended by the cabinet on Tuesday at least until February 9, it is not possible to complete the entire competitions. Playing only the first half of the competition or dividing all senior competitions into two groups are still possible options, according to the KNVB.

sport“>”Despite the extension of the lockdown, it is currently too early to make a final decision on any of these scenarios,” said the football association. “Although it doesn’t get any easier, both scenarios still remain realistic and feasible. With the next press conference, we hope to get more clarity from the cabinet about possible relaxation for sport. On this basis, a decision will be taken on the resumption of the competitions no later than the week of 9 February. ”

sport“>At the moment senior teams are only allowed to train in groups of no more than two people. Playing mutual matches, such as with youth up to 18 years, is not allowed. The KNVB takes into account that prior to a possible restart of the competition, the senior teams must first be able to train normally in a group for a few weeks.

sport“>Except for professional football, all sports competitions were shut down in October when the second corona wave arrived. In amateur football, the new league had only just begun. When the cabinet declared a lockdown in December, it turned out that a hoped-for restart of the competition in mid-January was not possible. The KNVB was left with two options, both of which still apply today.

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