Two new difficulty modes are coming to The Last of Us 2

To survive in The Last of Us Part II, you have to overcome several trials, as long as you have enough shoulders in what awaits you with the next update.

You have finished The Last of Us Part II with disconcerting ease? The next update should change your mind.

Twitter account PowerPyx, specialized in obtaining trophies, just made a discovery related to the 1.03 update.

As the screenshots below show you, The Last of Us Part II will soon welcome two new difficulty modes.

The first will speak to all those who have tried the first opus, since it will be the mode realistic which will offer you much more difficult confrontations.

The second will certainly be reserved for the more adventurous, since it will be permanent death mode.

Here no half measures, you will be as it were in the real world, with only one life, your death causing your return to the title screen and at the same time, the loss of all the items you have collected.

As a reminder, The Last of Us Part II, is available exclusively on PS4.

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