Two months later, the couple has still not given any news

Voluntary escape, kidnapping or bad encounter… Two months ago, a young couple gone in the Two Sevres, in the middle of the night, leaving behind a thick mystery. The criminal trail is privileged, with a possible villainous motive.

Leslie Hoorelbeke, 22, and Kevin Trompat, 21, have not given any sign of life since November 26 around 2:30 a.m. in Prahecq, a town of 2,000 souls near Niort. A dog belonging to the young woman also vanished. The couple spent the evening at a friend’s house, the last to have seen them. They were to sleep in Prahecq in a house lent by another friend, who does not live there.

They each had professional projects

The gendarmerie deployed a canine team and divers in December, away from the cameras, and the vehicles of the missing were seized. In January, Kevin’s family improvised two “beats”, without success.

First opened in Niort for disappearance then taken back to Poitiers for “arrest, abduction, detention or sequestration”, the investigation is carried out with total discretion, leaving the field open to declarations, sometimes contradictory, and to interpretations.

A freelance house painter and animal lover, Leslie, a petite brunette with brown eyes with a tattoo on her right cheek and piercings, is “a little Zebulon, very sociable and smiling, with phenomenal energy”, describe her beauty. -mother, Émilie Cardré, and her father, Patrick Hoorelbeke.

Passionate about fishing and hunting, Kevin, tall, thin with short brown hair and blue eyes, also tattooed, has worked in restaurants and markets. They had been together for three weeks and each had professional “projects”, according to those around them.

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He would have said to have crossed some shady guys

“They are young people without problems, they have no enemies”, affirmed at the beginning of January Karine Prat, the mother-in-law of Kevin, whose father Guy Trompat is currently imprisoned for “willful violence”. According to her, they may have had “a bad meeting” but “a voluntary departure is impossible. »

Those close to Leslie don’t believe it either. “Sequestration and pick up, it has been our belief from the start, they say. There is a goal to that, and apart from the money we don’t see too much. “To the press, Karine Prat declared that her son-in-law had on him” 10,000 euros “. She herself would have brought him money – the amount varied – on the evening of the events in Prahecq, to ​​her knowledge to buy a car.

According to her, in the evening, Kevin had an appointment in the village square. When the young man returned a few minutes later, she found him disturbed and he allegedly told her that he had passed some suspicious guys in a car, adding that he had washed his face. She then left the couple for dinner at their friend’s house.

Things “found in bulk”

From the investigation, Leslie’s family knows that his phone was geolocated in Niort on November 26 in the middle of the day and that the couple’s belongings, including Kevin’s road safety certificate, were found on December 8 in a container. recycling of clothes in Puyravault (Charente-Maritime).

“It’s to cover their tracks, it was thrown away to be found quickly,” say Émilie Cardré and Patrick Hoorelbeke, who live near La Rochelle. According to them, there were also clothes from Kevin and Leslie, the makeup bag and a brush from the young woman.

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The friend who hosted them recounts having seen Leslie and Kevin “around 5:30 p.m.”: “They had the potato, we had a good laugh. Then I went to my brother’s and to a techno party,” he said during a beat. When he returned home, the couple’s belongings were gone, except for a jacket recovered by the investigators.

The small house with faded shutters was placed under seal by the gendarmerie, containing a part of the mystery.

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