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Start of the shareware role-playing game Genshin Impact turned out to be a major success for the studio MiHoYo and most impressive for all Chinese games on mobile platforms: a game in two weeks earned over $ 100 million. Although the developers faced a number of technical problems, which is why they did not have time to prepare game festivals.
Now the studio published long-term plan by the end of the year. And announced that players will receive two major updates.
Version 1.1 scheduled for November 11th. It will open the Unreturned Star Off in-game event. In addition, players will be allowed to lock items of equipment to prevent accidental loss and heal without opening their inventory. The game will also have a guide of monsters and a new item that reveals hidden chests and treasures.

Version 1.2 is planned to be installed on December 23, and players will have access to another large-scale location, the snow-capped Dragonspine Snow Mountain.

In general, the developers are going to release updates every six weeks. But many of them will be purely technical. And the next major patch, 1.3, is scheduled for February 2021. He will launch the Sea Lantern Festival in-game events.

In the meantime, the developers thank all the players and promise in the future to talk in more detail about the progress of work on the development of the game. Genshin Impact is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android, but will eventually be released on Nintendo Switch.

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