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Two local mothers lose thousands of euros for Whatsapp fraud – Region

Altensteig / Straubenhardt. In recent days, two mothers of Straubenhardt and Altensteig have been victims of the so-called Whatsapp scam. The scammers defrauded the two women for several thousand euros. In both cases, the perpetrators called the short messaging service on an unknown number and passed off as the daughters of the victims. The scammers then tricked the two women into transferring four-figure sums of money. The total damage amounts to approximately 7,000 euros.

Only later did the two women learn of the fraud.


Money captured in Vaihingen: perpetrators pretend to be daughters on WhatsApp

The police headquarters in Pforzheim once again underlines the following tips on how to behave when receiving correspondent telephone messages: Be sensitive to messages from unknown numbers. If people you know contact you on an unknown number, don’t save the number automatically. Ask the person for a voice message or call them yourself. Personal contact with a relative can quickly clarify whether this is a fraud case. You can also use alternative communication channels, such as an email address or phone number you already know. Never give out private information. Polo shirt

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