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Two Hispanics are the fatal victims of the tragic shooting in San Antonio

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  • Tragedy in Texas: Young Hispanic Robert Jay Martinez, 19, and Alejandro Robles, 24, are the fatalities of the shooting at the Ventura bar in San Antonio, Texas, on Sunday, January 19.
  • Kiernan Christopher Williams, a 19-year-old rapper with a violent past, was arrested on Monday afternoon as the alleged responsible for the gunshots that also left five other seriously injured
  • Williams was going to perform that night with his stage name of 32Baby K9 but before going on stage he had an altercation with one of the young men who allegedly killed and now faces the death penalty.

Texas. Young Hispanics Robert Jay Martínez and Alejandro Robles are the fatal victims of the shooting at the Ventura bar in San Antonio, Texas.

The alleged responsible Kiernan Christopher Williams, 19, was arrested on the afternoon of Monday, January 20, by a task force of agents of the Homicide Division and the Violent Crimes Division of the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD, for its acronym in English), the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit (SWAT) with the support of agents from the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS).

Williams is already being held at the Bexar County Jail, in downtown San Antonio, and faces two counts of capital murder against Martinez, age 2 at the time of death, and Robles, 24 years at the time of death. On the night of Sunday, January 19, 2020 in the neighborhood known as Riverwalk, the tourist area of ​​the city.

The crimes of which Williams is accused are the ones that are punished most severely, according to the Texas State Criminal Code, because whoever is found guilty of capital murder in a trial is sentenced to the death penalty .

Among the rest of the victims, seriously injured according to the SAPD, there is a woman of 46 years and the other four are young girls between 16 and 19 years.

One of the injured teenagers would be the girlfriend of one of the two deceased youths, according to MundoHispánico confirmed a source close to the investigation who asked not to be identified in public. However, names will not be disclosed to protect your privacy.

Williams was stopped without incident by SAPD and TxDPS agents while driving his car down South Zarzamora Street in downtown San Antonio.

The boy, according to his first statement according to the source consulted by Hispanic WorldHe assured the investigators that he shot because he had acted in self-defense because he had problems with one of the young people who were dead today, although he did not detail which of them or what kind of problems.

Williams, even before he was arrested, was trying to create a career as a rap singer and on the night of the shooting at the Ventura Bar, which scheduled local artists under the show Living The Dream, he was on the list of artists they would occupy the stage and under his professional name of 32Baby K9, revealed the police source.

According to the publicity of the concert, the Hispanic rapper Ruz was going to be the star of the night but the boy could no longer show up because the massacre broke out.

Kiernan Christopher Williams, 19, was arrested on the afternoon of Monday, January 20, by agents of several corporations. The boy was going to perform singing rap in the same Ventura bar where he caused the tragedy that left two Hispanics dead. He now faces the death penalty if he is convicted in his trial. (Photo: San Antonio Police Department)


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