Two gangs in France are involved in war in broad daylight

MONTPELLIER, – A video showing how two geng of Montpellier, France, get involved war with firearms in afternoon.

A deafening loud noise was heard in La Pallace District on Sunday afternoon local time (1/11/2020), where police said one person was injured.

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Videos circulating on social media showed the two fighting gangs firing both pistols and machine guns.

In the broadcast, several masked men dressed in black were shooting back at each other in the Assas Tower, the tallest building in the southern French city.

Reported Russian Today Sunday (1/11/2020), another video shows a man who appears to have been injured in the war between the two criminal organizations.

Local media reported that paramilitary-backed police to military units were deployed to secure the site and take the injured to hospital.

Meanwhile, it is suspected that two criminal groups are the masterminds shootout, a number of eye witnesses said the cause was a drug deal.

Montpellier Mayor Michael Delafose responded to the incident as “extraordinary violence” and “disrespectful behavior” on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the police union explained that a number of “special police” were deployed to assist law enforcement amidst the increasing threat of violence.

“Montpellier is on the way to becoming one of the cities with the worst crime rates in France,” the police union said.

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