two farms attacked by a wolf

During the past 48 hours, two herds have been attacked by a wolf in Blanzy and Saint-Eusèbe (Saône-et-Loire) according to a press release from the prefecture on Tuesday, November 30. Breeders are invited to be vigilant.

This Tuesday, November 30, the prefecture of Saône-et-Loire indicates that two herds of sheep were attacked by a wolf in the municipalities of Blanzy and Saint-Eusèbe during the last 48 hours. Two animals were killed and three others injured.

“From the analysis of an image taken by a camera trap, the OFB (French Biodiversity Office, editor’s note) delivered his technical expertise during the day and identified a wolf “, state services explain in a press release.

The prefecture then indicates that the breeders will be compensated for the losses caused by the attack, as provided for in the national action plan on wolves and breeding activities.

In addition, a watch team is requisitioned to monitor sites that may be the target of potential new attacks.

The breeders of the Blanzy and Saint-Eusèbe sectors are invited to remain vigilant and to protect the herds which cannot be placed indoors. Protective equipment such as nets and electrified wires can be made available to them by the departmental direction of the territories.

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