Two distributors of nude images BV’s arrested, one of them is …

Two young men were arrested in the investigation into the distribution of nude photos of BVs. One of them was arrested, the other was released under strict conditions. The two have made confessions and one of them turns out to be ‘Eveline’ too.

In the context of a judicial investigation opened on September 10, 2020, the investigating judge in Brussels appointed the RCCU (computer crime unit of the federal police) to conduct a digital investigation with a view to identifying the perpetrators who distributed these images ‘, reports the public prosecutor of Brussels. ‘Due to the rapid and efficient operation of the RCCU, two suspects were identified. It concerns two young men who acknowledge the facts. ‘

One of them was placed under arrest warrant by the investigating judge, the other was released under strict conditions. The judicial investigation is ongoing, in the interest of the investigation there will be no further communication. ‘

The young men admit that they have created a false account and have thus contacted the well-known Flemish Stan Van Samang, Peter Van De Veire and Sean Dhondt. They convinced them to send nude images and they spread those images widely afterwards. One of the suspects is said to be the ‘Eveline’ who trapped the victims. Legal sources report this to the Belga news agency.

Patrick Hofstr√∂ssler, Stan Van Samang’s lawyer together with Tom Bauwens, is happy with the breakthrough. ‘We have received some criticism left and right in recent weeks. There were doubts as to whether our approach to complaining was the right one. Because the perpetrators would probably remain hidden without a trace in the basements of the internet. But this case proves that people are not powerless against such practices on the internet and that filing a complaint does make sense. ‘


In early September, explicit nude images of the three BVs were circulated. The images also appeared on internet forums, but one of the people involved engaged a lawyer to put an end to it. At least some of the images were also offered for sale on the satirical website ‘t Scheldt, which also devoted an article to the story, with anonymised photos. In summary proceedings one of the BVs involved obtained that those images also had to be removed.

According to various media there was catfishing, trapping the victims through the fake social media profile of someone posing as ‘Eveline’. After a complaint from Stan Van Samang, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office also opened a judicial investigation.

There are severe penalties for distributing nude images: a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine of up to 80,000 euros.

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