Two deaths and all the elderly positive, the virus breaks out in RSA Falusi

Follonica, the dramatic balance for the structure that hosts 32 users. The mayor: “We are very worried”

At the Marina di Levante health care residence – Falusi Institute in Follonica all 32 guests are positive for Sars-Cov-2. And unfortunately there are also two deaths. This was communicated by the president of Falusi, Lorenzo Brenci, who is trying to manage this difficult situation.

The deaths occurred one Sunday 22nd and one Monday 23rd morning. On Sunday an elderly person died, very seriously ill with cancer; yesterday morning a lady. She too was suffering from serious illnesses and had not been conscious for some time. When she died, the result of the swab had not yet arrived, which was then communicated in the afternoon: also in this case positive.

With all the positive guests, the Follonica facility automatically becomes an RSA Covid, or a facility where the staff of the cooperative will be joined by health personnel by the ASL. In fact, in the structure there is normally no medical assistance except that of the general practitioner, assigned to each elderly person.

The RSA that overlooks the sea has always claimed to be organized in the event that cases of coronavirus could occur among the elderly, but such a violent spread was a serious blow. Fifteen guests tested positive for the swab last week alone. By the weekend the number had risen to nineteen. Unfortunately, yesterday, even the last swabs carried out on the elderly showed a total positivity.

In a few days the virus had the upper hand, also attacking health personnel. The mayor of Follonica Andrea Benini is dealing with the situation together with the director of the Coeso Fabrizio Boldrini.

Yesterday in the city of the Gulf there were a total of twenty-nine new positives to the virus, a very high number, which contains the data of the RSA Marina di Levante. Mayor Benini broke the news last night via Facebook. “Unfortunately our city has had an important increase in positives – he said – twenty-nine more cases is a number that catches the eye, it is certainly not an anonymous figure”.

Benini on the occasion of the live broadcast then informed citizens of the serious situation in which the RSA of the city finds itself which now, as per decree, has been transformed into a Covid structure. The other guests of the structure are in stationary conditions, Brenci says: «There are two more worrying situations – he says – and the rest of the guests are all stationary. There are also those who have no symptoms. Our goal at the moment is to try to manage this bad situation in the best possible way, while preserving our elderly ”.

“There will be support from the ASL to ensure assistance – says the mayor Benini – But unfortunately this situation worries us a lot”. –

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