Two children proposed by pilots, Dewi Perssik admits that she doesn’t like popcorn


Peach Goddess just proposed by a 42 year old pilot named Rully. Dewi admits that she likes men who are older than her.

“He is 42 years old. Widower, pilot (job). I have never had popcorn with me,” said Dewi Perssik at the Trans TV Studio, Mampang area, South Jakarta, Tuesday (7/2/2022).

Dewi explains why she likes older men. She dreams of a man who is like her late father.

“I want it to be the same as the older one, I like a father figure like my dad,” he said.

Dewi revealed that Rully already had two children. Dewi admits that Rully’s children have met her at the thanksgiving ceremony for her late father.

On that occasion, Dewi was suddenly proposed by Rully.

“Already have 2 children, but divorced with his wife. Yesterday came, there was a birthday at my house, at first my dad’s thanksgiving had a yasinan from maghrib to evening, it was all impromptu. When I proposed too, my mother too, it was impromptu. So everything was sudden , so suddenly my friend put it on IG, live IG, all in. I complained there, I had to ask permission first, because this was an introduction between my parents and his parents,” he explained.

Until now, Dewi is nervous after Rully’s proposal. However, Dewi wanted to know more about the pilot.

“I’m nervous, to be honest with Mas Willy I’m nervous, I need to know what kind of background he has, why he wants to be with me,” he added.

Dewi admitted that at first there was a lack of response in communication with Rully. Communication is only limited to business.

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“It turns out that I have always wanted me. WA has always been, I have replied in 3 months, I have replied in a month. At least in this business I will join in with the business. Oh yes, I answered that. How are you, I answered yes, how long will it take a month? keep going away,” he concluded.

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