Twitter Will Make it Easy to Set Video Subtitles for iOS and Android

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Twitter is testing a new feature in the form of a button to turn on or off subtitle video on mobile Android and iOS.

It’s in the upper-right corner of the video if subtitles are available. This new feature lets you choose whether you want to see subtitles on the videos you’re watching, or not.

Reported The VergeTwitter actually started testing this feature last April for a small number of iPhone users.

For a long time, whether or not to show subtitles on mobile devices was determined by various factors. For example, enabling text in your phone’s accessibility settings, or muting video sounds.

With this new Twitter feature, you can easily turn it on or off whenever you want, just as you already do on the Twitter website and many other video platforms.

Video captions or no captions, it’s now easier to select some of you on iOS, and soon on Android. On videos that have captions, we tested the option to disable/enable captions with a new “CC” button,” Twitter said in a statement.

So how do you activate this subtitle feature? Users just need to “Tap the “CC” button on the video with available captions to turn off/on captions,”

In confirmation to The Verge, Twitter spokeswoman Shaokyi Amdo said the button would only appear on videos with subtitles already available, and was not associated with an automated captioning system.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch reports the official launch took place when the company launched auto-generated captions on videos last December. The feature is to make videos more accessible to deaf users.

Auto captions are available on the web, iOS, and Android in more than 30 languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Chinese, Hindi and more.

Features 280 Characters

Previously, Twitter also updated the maximum number of words in a tweet. The social media platform bearing the blue bird has launched a feature called Twitter Notes.

The new feature is being tested for a select group of users in the US, UK, Canada and Ghana and is available for users in most countries.
How Notes works is explained in a post on Twitter via two separate GIFs. From one of them, it can be seen that the user clicks the ‘Write’ tab to start writing notes, then when finished the results can be pasted into a tweet.

Twitter initially only provided 140 characters for each tweet. Then in 2017, Twitter, which is in the process of being acquired by Elon Musk, increased its capacity to 280 characters.

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