Twitter user deletes Donald Trump from “Kevin – Alone in New York”

US President Donald Trump has already been banned from social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook after the escalation of violence around the Capitol in Washington, but for some film fans that does not go far enough: They are calling for Trump to appear in the comedy “Kevin – Alone in New York” (Original: “Home Alone 2”) to cut out. A Twitter user has now put that into practice.

On the platform, which Trump permanently banned last Friday, there have been numerous similar demands in the past few days: “If we can’t get him out of office, can we at least republish ‘Home Alone’ without Trump?” asked about a user.

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Another wrote: “Who can give us a version of ‘Home Alone 2’ without Trump? I need this new release. “

An accomplished Twitter user promptly put this into practice: “In response to popular requests, I removed Trump from ‘Home Alone’,” he writes about the short clip in which Trump can no longer be seen or heard. This creates enthusiasm on Twitter, over 90,000 users have already clicked “Like”.

Other users made it easier for themselves and replaced Trump in photos of the scene with more popular actors – such as Dolly Parton, Keanu Reeves or Jabba the Hutt from “Star Wars”.

In the cited scene from the 1992 film, Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) enters the Plaza Hotel in New York to find his family, where he asks someone where the lobby is – the person is Donald Trump . He then shows him the way: “Down the aisle and then left.”

Twitter announced on Friday evening (local time) that Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account would be permanently blocked. The reason is the “risk of further incitement to violence” after the storming of the Capitol in Washington by Trump supporters. The outgoing US president is also blocked on Facebook and Instagram.

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