Twitter marks and limits Trump’s tweet where he says he is immune to COVID-19

The US President recently announced to the world that he was infected with COVID-19. But shortly after being quarantined, Donald Trump returned to the White House and had the controversial behavior of taking off his mask.

However, Trump recently shared on his Twitter that he would be immune to the new coronavirus. In response, the social network noted and limited the sharing of this tweet from the American president.

Donald Trump, who tried hard to devalue the pandemic, announced he was infected with the new coronavirus about a week ago. The news sent a lot of ink since, as it is more than proven that the virus can attack anyone and does not choose who to infect.

But Trump quickly left the hospital and returned to the White House where he removed the mask at the first opportunity. However, although he allegedly had some respiratory symptoms, the American president announced that he was already immune to COVID-19.

Twitter marks and limits the tweet where Trump says he is immune to coronavirus

Donald Trump recently shared on his Twitter account a publication where he says he is immune to COVID-19. Thus, the American president says that doctors have guaranteed that he can no longer catch or transmit the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

However, Twitter noted and limited the sharing of this Donald Trump tweet.

The reason, which appears with the publication, is that the tweet violates the rules of the social network about the sharing and potentially dangerous misinformation about news related to COVID-19.

In addition, Twitter has also disabled some features in the publication. For example, it is no longer possible to comment, retweet, share or 'like' Trump's tweet. It is only allowed to quote the tweet.

When trying, for example, to comment on the publication, the following message appeared:

However, considering that the disclosure is in the public interest, the social network kept it published and available for viewing.

Probably the motivations of Twitter are related to the fact that there are some cases of patients with COVID-19 who recovered but became infected again.

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