Twitter: it is no longer possible to post photos or videos of a person without their consent

Twitter is committed against cyberstalking and increases user security: they can request the removal of photos or videos in which they appear and which have been posted without their consent.

It’s no longer a secret that cyberstalking is raging. And the new boss of Twitter, Parag Arawal, is determined to improve the atmosphere on his social network. This Tuesday, November 30, the group announced a new measure, which nevertheless does not concern public figures: individuals exposed on the platform by other users through photos or videos without having given their authorization may require that these images are deleted.

The group explained this decision in a press release: “This update will allow us to take action on content that is not explicitly abusive but that has been shared without the consent of the person appearing on it.“.

A gradual cleanup of Twitter

The social network Twitter has long retained a reputation as a toxic platform. But today, a real desire for change seems to be emerging, due in particular to the arrival of Parag Arawal at the head of the company. The latter affirmed his desire to clean up the network.

Before the announcement of this new measure, it was no longer possible to display personal information about certain individuals, such as their home address or their telephone number.

The group shares its concern that shared data could be used to “harass, intimidate or reveal the identities of individuals, with disproportionate consequences for women, activists, political dissidents and members of minority communities”And therefore wishes to remain vigilant.


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