Twitter introduces Communities

Twitter begins testing a new feature called Communities (or Communities). It allows users of the microblogging social network to send messages directly to a group rather than to all of their followers.

These communities are presented as dedicated places allowing users to come into contact with each other, to share and discuss specific topics that interest them the most. The only people who can reply to tweets in a community are other members of that community.

However, all tweets in Communities are public. Users who are not part of a community can therefore read, quote or even report them.

The Communities test currently concerns a small group of participants on iOS and the web, and only read-only on Android. To join a community, a person will need to be invited by a moderator or another member who has five invitations.

The first communities focus on dogs, weather, sneakers, skin care, and astrology. ” Many more will be created, further reflecting the flourishing niche discussions on Twitter.

The Communities feature was mentioned at the beginning of the year during Twitter’s Analyst Day for investors who are always concerned about seeing the number of users grow. ” We strive to create a product experience that makes it easier for people to create, discover, and participate in conversations that are more focused on the relevant communities or geographies that interest them.



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