Twitter hires former FBI agents to fill positions within the social network

Written in TRENDS the 25/6/2022 · 15:18 hs

During the last few years, Twitter has hired various former agents and spies who worked for the FBI, with the aim that these people occupy positions in security and content.

This was revealed by the American media outlet MintPress News, by conducting research on job openings and recruiting websites.

Twitter has signed a large number of feds and spies who were part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the criminal investigative agency of the United States Department of Justice.

From investigation to espionage

According to research, Twitter is also hiring former CIA workers, known in Spanish as the Central Intelligence Agency, for the Atlantic Council, a group of experts who are in favor of Atlanticism and NATO.

Also, Twitter’s social network is also recruiting army officers who are still active.


Coleen Rowley, former FBI worker, declared that it is not surprising to see his colleagues working for himThe technology companies that they were dedicated to supervising when they were part of Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“There is a revolving door between the FBI and the areas they are trying to regulate”(…) It distorts and perverts the criminal investigation work that agents do because they anticipate getting lucrative jobs after retiring or leaving the FBI” Rowley declared.

These former criminal investigation officials develop in security, trust and content departments when they reach other technology companies.

Interest conflict

MintPress News highlighted that Twitter adds warning messages to tweets and media accounts affiliated with the state of Russia, China, Iran and Cubareflecting “American hostility” towards these countries.

Compared to the 0 warning to the pages of the media affiliated with the US state and its allies.

Twitter is armed with an army of FBI veterans, and other important dependencies of the country, as if it were a digital war, where lhe best allies are those who have already worked in criminal investigation.

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