Twitter: Errejón’s response to the criticism received after publishing a photo roasting meat on a barbecue

Íñigo Errejón, leader of Más País, published last Sunday a photo on his Instagram profile in which he can be grilled meat on a barbecue. The image is nothing special, it is a meeting of colleagues on any given summer Sunday. He himself titled the image “grilling for colleagues”. All very normal. See.


The portrait of Íñigo Errejón to Vox that foreign tweeters have recovered: “It is one of the most brilliant responses to the extreme right”

However, the photograph has caused a real avalanche of comments about the barbecue that Errejón is using. Criticism of the leader of Más País for using a first class barbecue, so to speak, has been repeated over and over again on social networks. Even Hermann Tertsch, a Vox MEP, has taken advantage of the occasion to make a fuss: “Errejón’s barbecue Rolls Royce is cool. Don’t eat meat, damn poor reactionaries! They say,” the far-right MEP has written on his Twitter account.

The thing has not ended there. “You are workers and you have a barbecue that is worth more than my car,” charged another user. Errejón has responded to this last comment with another more scathing one: “Please make me a list of barbecues that a friend can have and that are compatible with defending a fairer country. That way I’m not wrong for the next one.” The discussion with that user has continued, since he has replied: “The only thing I would do for you is a list of working-class neighborhoods where you could go and live for a few years, you repellent posh.” Errejón has also replied to that message: “Come on, I’m fine too, sir who insults from anonymity. And I think that since you put on the barbecues come out. Greetings, crack!”.

In addition, some have also criticized Errejón for eating meat, as if being on the left was incompatible with eating a good steak. They also criticize him for having a barbecue because it is not, according to his critics, very ecological. Here, an example of the reviews of that stick.

Of course, Venezuela also comes up. In short, as Errejón says, it will be necessary to make a list of criticisms and pass them one by one. The leader of Más País has even been asked about it in Congress. “I am not against the consumption of meat. I think it is good to moderate it. There are some conservative sectors that believe that people on the left should live in a cave, walk barefoot and cook things in a can,” Errejón replied when asked. for the barbecue. You can say louder but clearer.

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