Twitter creates a ‘Best Friends’ to share your most personal tweets only with your close circle

There are not a few users who have a public Twitter account and a private one, reserved for their closest friends. Faced with this reality, the social network has begun to test a new feature that closely resembles Instagram’s ‘Best Friends’.

The tool is called ‘Twitter Circle’ and allows users to choose up to 150 profiles so they can see your tweets, whether or not they are your followers. “It’s a way to tweet to select people and share your thoughts with a small crowd.”, comments the platform in your Help Center.

At the moment, the functionality is in the testing phase and only a limited number of people worldwide” can use itboth on iOS and Android and on the web for computers.

This function is not part of the proposals that Elon Musk had in mind for the platform, since the developers have been working on it for a long time. In fact, Twitter Circle looks like a continuation of the tool they released last year that allowed only select users to reply.

Through the new proposals, it is shown that the privacy and well-being of the user have become a key point for the social network. This is important because, if Twitter is known for anything, it is for the large number of users who respond to others in a hurtful way.

How to use Twitter Circle?

Few people can use Twitter Circle, but those who have it can be sure that its use is very easy and intuitive. Those who have this functionality, They just click on the ‘+’ icon to write a tweet.

There, the platform asks the user if they want to use Twitter Circle. by acceptinga list appears with all your followers to which you can add (to find users faster or find people who don’t follow you, there is a search engine).

Once the members of the close circle of Twitter have been chosen, users will have a tab next to the profile picture (where the tweet is written). If they select this tab, they will be able to choose between writing a public tweet or doing it only for their Twitter Circle.

The EU has created a platform very similar to Twitter and another to YouTube for institutional information.

Users who belong to the Twitter Circle will see that they belong to it through a message below the tweet in which they will put ‘Only people in @username’s Twitter Circle can see this tweet’. They will not be able to leave the close circle, but they can always mute the account if they consider that a person fills their inbox with their tweets.

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