Twitter boss Jack Dorsey wrestles with Trump’s banishment

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is wrestling with his own power.


The Twitter boss commented on the Trump ban, Snapchat has now banned the voted president and Airbnb is canceling reservations in Washington. That and more in the digital news of the day.

In one long thread On his own platform, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey commented for the first time directly on the banishment of the voted US President Donald Trump from the short message service. The ban was necessary, writes Dorsey, but in the end it was also a “failure” of Twitter to create a healthy culture of conversation.

He again advocated a decentralized social network, which he compared to Bitcoin. Here, Twitter would only be part of a larger whole, the power of individual tech CEOs like Dorsey himself would be limited. At the end of 2019, Twitter had already announced under the name “Blue Sky” that it would put together a team for this purpose.

Snapchat also blocks Trump permanently

Snapchat has now permanently banned the outgoing US President Donald Trump. Since the storm on the Capitol, his account was initially restricted. Snapchat justified the permanent block with the “interest of public safety”. Trump spread misinformation, hate speech and incitement to violence.

Airbnb cancels reservations in Washington

Vacation rental broker Airbnb had canceled all Washington reservations for the week of Joe Biden’s inauguration. The reason is reports that armed militias could make their way to the US capital. All guests get the money back for the booking and the apartment providers are also compensated, reported «The Verge».

Apple plans to spend $ 100 million on social causes

With its “Racial Equity and Justice Initiative” Apple wants to invest 100 million dollars in underprivileged areas. To this end, educational institutions in Detroit and Atlanta are to be financed, in which, for example, free programming courses are offered, reported «Techcrunch».

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