Twitch Prime becomes Prime Gaming to tell Amazon Prime account holders that they benefit from it in the same way as Prime Music and Prime Video

Amazon acquired Twitch, the video streaming service, in August 2014 for nearly $ 1 billion. Twitch has since thrived and continues to be a market leader in live video game streaming despite competition from YouTube. In September 2016, Amazon launched Twitch Prime, a service that provided premium functionality to Amazon Prime subscribers. These premium features included ad-free streaming, free add-on content, and even game discounts. This time around, Amazon announced that Twitch Prime is becoming Prime Gaming, a name that matches other Amazon products and services such as Prime Video and Prime Music.

According to an email sent by Twitch its partners, Twitch and Amazon will change Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming to make things clearer for members and to align the branding of the service with other Amazon products such as Prime Music and Prime Video.

After four years, Twitch Prime will be renamed Prime Gaming to allow Prime Gaming members to experience more clearly all the gaming benefits offered by their membership, including must-have content for the world‘s hottest games and free monthly subscriptions for you. help grow. your audience among the millions of Amazon Prime members around the world.

So what does this mean to you? More opportunities!

This means more chances of increasing your audience with all types of players in the Amazon Prime member base and opportunities to be featured in future Prime Gaming promotions.

Twitch Prime is one of the many benefits that Amazon Prime members get, including Prime Music and Prime Video. But because it had a completely different name, Twitch Prime didn’t exactly fit the company’s standard list of benefits, and didn’t have the same association as other products and subscriptions. With the new name Prime Gaming, the service should fit perfectly into an Amazon Prime perks list.

Prime Gaming is an evolution that will allow subscribers to enjoy free content. Bonuses include DLC and PC games that can be kept alive. Amazon explained that this month there are over 20 free games available with Prime, including:

  1. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection
  2. Metal Slug 2
  3. Sengoku 3
  4. King of the Monsters
  5. Ironclad
  6. Shock Troopers 2n Squad
  7. Baseball Stars 2
  8. The King of Fighters 2002
  9. Samurai Shodown II
  10. Blazing Star
  11. Pulstar
  12. Art of Fighting 2
  13. Fatal Fury Special
  14. The king of Fighters 2000
  15. Shaq Fu : A Legend Reborn
  16. Warsaw
  17. Dead in Vinland
  18. Treachery in beatdown City
  19. NeuroVoider
  20. Dungeon Rushers
  21. Truberbrook
  22. Blazing Chrome
  23. Chroma Squad

As members, Prime Gaming users get monthly free games and in-game loot (for popular games like Grand Theft Auto Online, Apex Legends, Red Dead Redemption 2 and more). Note that the service worked the same way when it was called Twitch Prime. The Twitch-specific perks also remain the same, including the premium chat badge and additional motorcycles. in the future, however, Amazon will remove Twitch from the name of the program.

There is nothing negative about Twitch, said Larry Plotnick, director of Prime Gaming. We love Twitch. We are always very closely associated with them. But the goal here is really to reach as large an audience as possible, to reach as many players as possible.

Prime Gaming will soon be adding more family-friendly titles to its roster, including in-game content for Roblox. Amazon also specifies that users will be able to keep these PC games permanently, even if they cancel their subscription.

Today, we have over 50 pieces of content available to customers, 30 pieces of in-game content, and 20 other free games that people can download and keep forever, Plotnick said. So these are the big changes.

Amazon doesn’t exactly state the number of active Prime Gaming members (in terms of people using the benefits), but Amazon has over 150 million Prime members worldwide, and any of those members can have this gaming membership.

Our goal is to create value for gamers and to create value for game developers, Plotnick said. This has always been a goal of Twitch Prime since its inception. We have widened this audience. I think the biggest part of the name change is not a name change, but an acknowledgment that our audience that we are reaching is much larger than the audience on Twitch. The audience on Twitch is wonderful. It’s a fantastic brand. But we have grown into mobile and casual games and family games like Roblox, for example.

If you think of Prime Video and Prime Reading, Prime Gaming is just a natural fit, he said. The message we really want to get to Prime customers is that Prime offers benefits in all digital entertainment, whether it’s movies, music, reading, or now games – which we have this full view of. the entertainment area.

The advantages for developers?

When it comes to the developer benefits of Prime Gaming, Plotnick said it is a good thing for small independent studios to present their games to millions of customers.

Small studios are the backbone of this industry, they are the ones who are creating the next Minecraft or the next Fortnite. One of our biggest differentiators, from a player acquisition and engagement perspective, is that games struggle to get noticed and gain customers, Plotnick said. There are very few ways to do this. We can use the assets they create for their games, provide them for free, and make them available for our marketing to hundreds of millions of customers on Amazon and over 150 million Prime members to bring gamers to be gaming for the better. first time, be new, retain them if they quit the game. And then from the player’s point of view, they get something that other people don’t have in the game. This is important because games have become so social .

Plotnick said the engagement that comes from subscriptions such as Prime Gaming can come back to produce a downline uplift for developers that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

This is essential for them, he said. As a developer, I give my game away for free. I earn income from this or from intellectual property marketing. This marketing can help me acquire valuable customers later on.

Source : Amazon

And you ?

Do you have an Amazon Prime account?
What do you think of this decision from Amazon? Can this help clear up Amazon Prime account holders and in turn increase the Prime Gaming audience?

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