Twitch is testing a new channel surfing mode | Software

Twitch is one of the most popular video game streaming websites with millions of users, and now the company wants to introduce a new way for them to discover new channels, similar in concept to watching TV in the past.

The new feature is called “Channel Switcher” and it gives the viewer the opportunity to easily flip through the previews of a bunch of different streams to quickly find the one that will be perfect for them, and no ads will appear while using it.

Currently, it is quite difficult to browse between channels on Twitch if someone does not know what they want to watch. The company wants to eliminate this in the future and they are already testing their new channel changer function, which they also shared a short video on Twitter. According to Twitch spokesperson Ashton Williams, it will be possible to watch a 60-second preview of a stream, and based on this, users can decide whether to watch it or browse further.

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