Twisted Rich! Wealth of New Newcastle Owners 13 Times Sultan Man City


Newcastle United vs Manchester City in the Premier League last season.

SUPERBALL.ID – One step away, Newcastle United will become the club with the richest owner in Premier League and even surpass the club owner Manchester City.

Acquisition news Newcastle United Now it’s blowing hard again after being stopped for more than a year.

In April 2020, Newcastle United widely rumored to be acquired by the original consortium Saudi Arabia.

The current owner of the Newcastle club, Mike Ashley, has actually invited the consortium to make an acquisition.

However, the authorities Premier League flatly rejected the acquisition plan.

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The reason is that there is a dispute over the broadcasting rights of the Premier League held by a Qatari company, BeIN Sport, in the Middle East area.

The dispute stems from the heated diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Qatar which spread to the ban on BeIN Sport broadcasting in Saudi Arabia.

The situation is also getting worse because Saudi Arabia seems to “allow” the piracy of Premier League broadcasts.



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