Twins in Argentina Create Incredible Social Distancing Device … Video

Al-Ghad TV aired a video report showing that Twaman has invented an amazing device in Argentina to help with social distancing. Corona Virus one more time.

The video stated that, as part of the efforts to combat the emerging corona virus, two young men from Argentina at the age of 16 have developed a vaginal device for the first time.

The report revealed that the two young men made the device, and in the event that they approached another person, it turned red.

The channel confirmed that the device was actually tested in companies, banks and public institutions in the Argentine city of Buenos Aires.

New case reports revealed a new effect of Corona Virus in the eye.

A new report showed that traces of the viral disease were found in the eye of a 64-year-old woman two months after she recovered.

Researchers detailed a 64-year-old woman diagnosed with the coronavirus Corona In early February and tested negative after 18 days of hospital stay, Shortly after she was discharged from the hospital, she developed pain in both eyes, due to the fluid buildup.

After she underwent surgery in March, she had to undergo an additional operation in April, during which eye tissue samples showed evidence of viral proteins, according to a team from the General Hospital of the Central Theater Command in Wuhan, China.

To gather their findings, which were later published in JAMA Ophthalmology, the team looked at a patient previously diagnosed with: Corona Virus COVID-19.

The 64-year-old had a dry cough for five days and diarrhea for nine days before he went to the hospital.

Doctors found she had a fever of 37.8 ° C and a chest CT scan found patterns of abnormalities in the lungs, andAfter taking a nasal swab test, she was diagnosed with Corona Virus But she did not have severe respiratory or eye symptoms during her hospital stay.

By the eighteenth day, her symptoms had disappeared and she received two negative tests, Began to experience constant left eye pain and loss of visual acuity. Three days later, the same symptoms appeared in her right eye.

Doctors discovered that she was having an acute attack of glaucoma; A dangerous eye condition that occurs when the pressure of the fluid inside your eye rises rapidly.

It was not possible to lower the intraocular pressure with medicines, so the doctors decided that she needed an eye surgery, However, she had to undergo surgery again due to the uncontrollable pressure in her right eye.

Researchers obtained blood and tissue samples from the patient during surgery as well as from another patient who had glaucoma but not COVID-19 to confirm their suspicions.

The results showed the presence of antigens, or viral proteins, on the iris and on the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that covers the front of the eye.

ACE2 receptor proteins were also found in the conjunctiva, two months after the woman tested positive.

The researchers concluded that “based on these results, the eye is also one of the target organs for viral infection in addition to the lungs.”


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