Twenty-year-old’Mu Online’ birthday party continues all year round

▲ Webzen Mu Online 20th Anniversary Event is held throughout the year (Photo courtesy of Webzen)

Webzen announced on the 7th that it will hold a large-scale event in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the PC Online MMORPG Mu Online.

‘MUNIVERSE the Beginning’, the 20th anniversary thank-you event for Mu Online, will be held for about a year from the 7th to December 30th. Characters over level 400 can participate, perform missions that change every month, and acquire various buffs according to the increasing’event level’. The reward buff is applied differently for each’event level’ section, and 5% of experience can be obtained as a reward when reaching level 0-2 as of January. If you achieve a certain level here, you can get items including'(Excellent) Blood Angel Weapon x1′.

In January’s mission,’Access Event’ and’Monster Hunt Event’ will be held. The’Access Event’ is an event in which the’Event Level + 1’increases if you access more than once in January, and the’Monster Hunt Event’ increases the’Event Level +1′ when you successfully hunt 100 New Year’s monsters.

In addition to this, Webzen celebrates the 20th anniversary of Mu Online by holding a’birthday gift upgrade event’ and an event inviting new and returning members. For more information on the game MU Online Official WebsiteYou can check it in.


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