TVE ‘catches’ Vox deputies live bypassing the restrictions due to the coronavirus | Politics

In Spain smoking is prohibited on public roads or in outdoor spaces where the minimum safety distance of two meters cannot be respected to avoid coronavirus infections. However, this Wednesday a particular image was seen on television in the Congress of Deputies that has given much to talk about.

Minutes before the control session of the Government began in the Congress of Deputies, the new morning program of TVE, ‘La hora de la La1’, connected live with a journalist which was very close to one of the entrances to the building.

Many have been those who have noticed during the connection with the journalist that in the back of the image a group of Vox MPs could be seen talking while smoking without respecting said safety distance of 2 meters.

This fact has not gone unnoticed on social networks, where a user has shared the image, which has been quickly disseminated on Twitter, receiving multitude of negative comments towards the attitude of the politicians of the formation led by Santiago Abascal.

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