“TVA Sports reveals what motivated Marie-Jade Lauriault to move to Canada”

Marie-Jade Lauriault began practicing figure skating at the age of 5, in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. In 2014, the young athlete met Romain Le Gac, her new skating partner who later became her husband.

For seven years, the couple skated under the French flag in numerous sporting events, including the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 world championships as well as the 2018 Olympics.

Following long reflections on the desire to rediscover the meaning that sport had in their eyes, Marie-Jade and Romain finally made the choice to represent Canada, from the 2021 season.

What is your greatest sporting achievement?

The 2018 Olympics were hands down one of the most memorable competitions of my career. We had confirmation of our selection only two weeks before the departure date. In addition, we had to overcome administrative problems to obtain my French passport, the ultimate condition for participating. All these events have led us to fully savor this Olympic month. We were able to take advantage of the site with our family who had even traveled for the event.

What have been your biggest challenges in figure skating?

The 2019-2020 season was difficult. The cancellation of the worlds in Montreal, financial difficulties and the management of a concussion forced us to return to live with my parents. Choosing to represent Canada meant not competing for a year (ISU rules) and giving up any form of funding, while continuing to train in order to maintain a good level of performance. We have, however, chosen to move forward. The desire to excel and the love of sport drove us to Canada.

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What is your ultimate sporting goal?

Me and Romain have the goal of participating in the 2026 Olympic Games under the Canadian flag and competing for the podium. This dream of Olympism and medals still seems a bit far off, but it is by aiming for it that we will come the closest.

How are your training sessions going?

We train 5 days a week on ice. For a typical day, it’s about 2 hours off the ice and 3 hours on the ice. Off-ice training can include dance, yoga, cardiovascular training, and even acting classes. In total, it’s about 30 hours a week in addition to appointments with medical professionals, mental preparation and recovery time.

What are the skills required for the practice of your sport?

The two qualities required in the practice of a sport are adaptability and resilience. These two values ​​allow us to face challenges and get more out of every learning opportunity. As we practice a sport as a duo, communication is an important aspect on a daily basis. In addition, the fact that skating is a judged sport requires open-mindedness, but also to accept that everyone’s opinion does not reach a common point.

What do sport and physical activity mean to you?

It’s a healthy way to organize my ideas. When I come back from a run, I always feel like my brain has eliminated unnecessary connections and it’s easier for me to get my priorities straight. For me, it has become my daily life, even outside of skating. I try to find other activities that interest me so that, when I no longer dedicate my life to high-level sport, I still want to move.

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What are your professional goals?

The psychology courses at CEGEP really intrigued me and I started to take an interest in jobs that touched on this aspect in the world of sport. When the time came to go to university, I chose UQAM because it was one of the only ones to offer a bachelor’s degree in psychology on a part-time basis, which is an essential condition for my career. The more I advance in this journey, the more I have the certainty of being in the right place. It’s really interesting to try to understand human behavior and to see the multiplicity of factors that can influence it. I like to believe that high level sport can be practiced with respect for your body and your mental health.


Age: 26 years old

Sport: Figure skating

Classification : Excellence

School: UQAM

School average: 3.94/4.3

Study program: Psychology

Burst questions

Do you have a ritual before a competition?

Organize my suitcase well. I like to make sure that I bring a piece of the house with me, slippers for example.

Your worst blunder in competition?

When I was younger, I put my dress inside out! I noticed it during the warm-up, when it was necessary to tie it. Let’s say it wasn’t very comfortable, but today I find it very funny!

What is your fondest travel memory?

Our trip to Japan at the time of the blossoming of the cherry trees. It was magical !

Outstanding performance


Skate America

Level: International

Result: 3rd


Skate Canada Challenge

Level: National

Result: 1st


Quebec Summer Championships

Level: Provincial

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Result: 1st

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