TV-TIP. Season 4 of ‘Down the road’: Tonight on One

Tonight the new season of ‘Down the road’ starts. In the fourth season, Dieter Coppens travels with the group from the first season. This time they go to the cold Lapland.

‘Down the road’ is already in its fourth season and especially for this Dieter takes the group from the first season on a journey again. In it he made a road trip through the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy together with Pieter, Kevin, Lisa, Hélène, Martijn and Lore.

The far north

In this season the group moves to the far north. They will have to endure the snow and the cold in Finnish Lapland. In the first images of the new season, we already get to see that this will not be easy for the group.

The fourth season kicks off tonight at 8 p.m. on One.

View the first images of the new season here

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