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TV: “This Is Us”: here is the cast of the French adaptation –

Filming of the French remake of the American series “This Is Us” is about to begin on January 27 for three months in Paris and La Rochelle. “Je te promès” is an Authentic Prod production (“Time is assassin”) with TF1 and season 1 will include 12 episodes.

If it is based on the same concept of crossed destinies of NBC cardboard, this version will take some liberties, as demonstrated by the pitch:

“The life of a family whose three children were born the night of François Mitterrand’s coming to power. Thirty-seven years later, everyone is about to change the course of their destiny. Paul and his wife Florence are impatiently awaiting the birth of their triplets. For their part, Mathis, a satisfied trader has just found his biological father but hesitates to meet him; Maud, an overweight young woman, is unable to lose weight and is looking for a direction in her life and Michaël, footballer of a big Ligue 1 club sees his career stopped after an unfortunate incident … “

No aging of characters

Mathis, Maud and Michaël, the triplets of “I promise you”, will be played by Narcisse Mame (“Burn Out”), Marilou Berry (“Joséphine”) and Guillaume Labbé (“Heart Plan”) respectively. Unlike “This Is Us”, the French version will not age its actors. Thus, the parents Florence and Paul will be played by Camille Lou (“The bazaar of charity”) and Hugo Becker (“Until now everything is fine”) in the years 1980-1990. Nowadays, it will be the actress Nathalie Roussel alongside Bruno Sanchez (“Catherine and Liliane”).

The absence of Jenifer

Long anticipated for the poster of the series, Jenifer does not appear in the end. Asked by the site Purecharts, she confirmed that she had been considered for one of the main roles of “I promise you”, that of Florence. She even had the first two scenarios in her hands. She explained that she gave up because she has many plans and wants to take some time for herself, her children and her husband.

Telling French society

For TF1 fiction director Anne Viau, adapting “This Is Us” was obvious, as she explained to Allociné.fr: “This Is Us” is a deeply American series, which talks about American society and pop culture. I have the feeling that with this concept and this family we will be able to tell the French society of these thirty, forty last years, the election of François Mitterrand, the AIDS years, unemployment, the war in Algeria, but also of “Goldorak”, of “Hélène and the boys” … I am convinced that it is a very good French series that we are doing. “

Laurent Flückiger

Created: 13.01.2020, 08h22


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