TV: the Copa do Nordeste wins the special channel on the operators. Another raid by DAZN?

The image of the special channel “Nosso Futebol” on the DirecTV homepage, before the announcement of the championship.

The Copa do Nordeste will have a special channel in the 2023 edition. In recent years, all matches of the main stage have been covered by the streaming of Nordeste FC, an offshoot of the LiveMode company. This season, the parties involved have remained silent throughout the Pre-Nordestão, with the 12 matches without pay-per-view. On January 8, at the end of the selection, the Nordeste FC has confirmed that it no longer has the rights. The NE League remained silent, even though there was already a PPV contract sign at the start of the group stage on the 21st. However, a simple image, linked to the tournament logo, already indicated the new path.

A the DirecTV operator already exposes a channel called “Nosso Futebol Copa do Nordeste” on its official website, along with other competitions in its portfolio in 2023, such as Paulistão, Carioca, Premier League of England and La Liga of Spain. The “Nosso Futebol” project takes place in partnership with DAZN, which will release the à la carte channel to two other traditional operators: Sky (channels 627 and 628) and Claro. Indeed, DAZN repeated the broadcast of Central 2 x 1 Náutico, by PE, at the inauguration of “Nosso Futebol” on Claro, on January 7th.

Nordestão’s third TV package

Caruaru’s match was a courtesy, with the official debut of “Nosso Futebol” on January 23rd. In this case, as a complementary product made available by subscription TV operators. It should cost BRL 19.90 per month, the same amount as DAZN streaming, with parallel channels in case of simultaneous matches. Sky already provides 5 PPV channels, 2 of which in the “NE” version. therefore, the new channel should show Copa do Nordeste, Pernambuco, Alagoano, Goiano, Paraense and possibly Cearense. It is worth mentioning that Nordestão already had two signed contracts, from 2023 to 2025. On open TV, with SBT airing for NE states only, and on closed TV, via ESPN, with only one match per round.

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This move by DAZN with Lampions also draws attention to the recovery of the streaming market, which seemed destined to leave national competitions aside. However, he has already significantly expanded his portfolio during the season, moving to more “peripheral” contests, including the Série C, the aforementioned state and the probable arrival of the regional ones.

Below, an advertising image of the “Nosso Futebol” channel, with the same national football portfolio as DAZN and with the logo almost identical to that of the Nordestão special channel.


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