TV Nova’s Summer Program: Hospoda, On the Hunt, Modrava Police, and More

In the early evenings of weekdays, Nova will feature its regular summer broadcast, the series Hospoda. This will be followed by reruns of the fun quiz show On the Hunt with Ondřej Sokol.

Photo: TV Nova

Filip Tomsa in the series Policie Modrava

From the first episode, other series will also return to the screens, just randomly: Step by step (Nova Fun), Doctor Quinn (Nova Lady) and That’s a murder, she wrote (Nova Gold).

Mondays? Specialists

Mondays from June 19 until the end of the holidays will traditionally belong to the Specialists. Fans can look forward to two episodes in a row.

Jana Vinická and her Police Modrava will return to the screen on Tuesday (and Sunday).

Modrava police

  • There was no indication that the series would become a hit. “It did not come about easily, as it might seem at first glance. In September 2008, I filmed the pilot episode of the series, which was called In better circumstances. He had a huge audience response. We then received an assignment from Nova’s management to write another fifteen parts. It took us almost two years, and then the global financial crisis broke out and the whole project came to a halt,” director Jaroslav Soukup recalls the rough beginnings of the Modrava Police, adding that the series was put into production only in 2013. he adds: “We started filming on the third of June at the Vogelsang Ranch below the Kašper Mountains. But it rained heavily for ten days and we were shooting exterior scenes! (…) If you remember, there is a scene with a ‘dead’ horse that someone poisoned. The veterinarian, Mr. Zelený from Sušice, gave him a sedative injection, and the horse was supposed to sleep for about a quarter of an hour… But the freezing rain woke him up after a few minutes! In the end, we somehow shot the rainy scenes and then a miracle happened! After a week of rain, the sun came out, the sky was blue and, believe it or not, this wonderful weather lasted for almost two months, so then we filmed the first series of the series just fine.”

The reality show Wife Swap will be part of the Wednesday prime time broadcast on Nova in the summer. After it, viewers will remember the stories of midwives and doctors for whom childbirth is a daily mission, in the documentary series Little Loves.

Photo: TV Nova

The Golden Swan, a series that will continue after the summer. Marta Dancingerová and Kristýna Ryška

On Thursday, June 22, they will see the last episode of the first season of the original period series The Golden Swan. But a week later, from Thursday, June 29, they can regularly look forward to the comedy series Co ste firemen? It will always be followed by two episodes of the District Championship directed by Jan Prušinovský. Even in this case, Nova reaches for reruns.

Friday and saturday? Movies

Friday and Saturday holiday evenings are finally occupied by movies. Friday will be marked by Czech films. The station starts with the titles Ubal a számí, LOVEní, followed by the comedy trilogy Babovřesky and Bobule.

Photo: Falcon

From the movie Babovřesky 3

On the first weekend night, viewers can instead look forward to the hits of world cinema, such as 2012, Tomb Rider, Gods of Egypt, Asterix and the Olympic Games, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984 and Aquaman …

Summer 2023 and TV Nova

  • New Cinema will offer, among other things, three Spider-Man films, the cult Matrix trilogy with Keanu Reeves in the lead role. Movie fans can also look forward to Hart’s War, The Self-Control Course or the final part of the John Rambo series with the subtitle Last Blood.
  • Nova Fun will introduce older popular comedy series such as The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, The Golden Seventieth, Friends, Mom, Griffins and the sitcom Step by Step will return to the screens.
  • Nova Action will premiere three new episodes of the successful German crime series Kobra 11. Each episode has footage from a feature film. Viewers can also look forward to ten films of the science fiction adventure series Star Trek.
  • newlady she prepared the Turkish series Betrayed Love and My Sweet Lie and the return of Jayne Seymour as Dr. Quinn. Every Saturday and Sunday, not only female viewers will see the fate of doctor Michaela and her husband Sully in the town of Colorado Springs.
  • Nova Gold will return with the opening episodes of one of the most successful American television series, Murder Wrote It, plus the series Law and Order, Without Trace or Criminal Minds.
  • Nova Sport will offer, among other things, a novelty, the Women’s World Cup, which will be played from July 20 to August 20. Nova Sport 1 and 2 stations will offer most of the matches – then all matches will be live or recorded on Voyo.

New shows and continuations of popular series (including the Golden Swan) are kept by Nova in the overwhelming majority until autumn.


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The Golden Swan series will continue even after the holidays

Movies and series

Messy Marta solves criminal cases exceptionally well. She set off against the Volga


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