TV license, who can ask for a refund and how to do it

decreases Friday 20 August 2021 il deadline for payment of the TV fee 2021. The television subscription fee is payable by anyone who has a television and is paid only once a year and once per family, provided that the family members reside in the same house. The amount is equal to 90 euros a year.

TV license, who has to pay it and how

As you know, since 2016, the presumption of possession of the television set has been introduced in the event that there is a user for the supply of electricity in the place where a person has their registered residence (by registered family we mean a group of people linked by marriage, civil union, kinship, affinity, adoption, protection or emotional ties, cohabitants and habitual residence in the same municipality ).

The holders of electricity for residential domestic use pay the RAI fee by direct debit in the electricity bill. These users, therefore, do not have to and can no longer pay by postal order.

In practice, if you have a lighting contract, it is automatically assumed that you have a television at home and therefore the fee is charged to your bill. Payment is made by debiting the invoices issued by the electricity companies in 10 monthly installments, from January to October of each year.

Residents abroad also have to pay the fee if they have a house in Italy where there is a television set.

If no member of the registry family, required to pay the fee, is the holder of a residential domestic electricity contract, the fee must be paid with the F24 model by 31 January of the reference year.

TV license, who does not have to pay it

Of course, not everyone who has an electricity bill in the name also owns a television, and therefore is not required to pay the fee. There are others too cases of exemption from the obligation to pay the TV license.

For what reasons is it possible to request a refund of the TV fee charged in the electricity bill? The reasons why it is possible to request a refund of the TV fee are these:

  • the applicant or another member of his / her personal family is in possession of the exemption requirements relating to citizens who have completed 75 years of age with total family income not exceeding € 6,713.98 and the appropriate substitutive declaration has been submitted (code 1);
  • the applicant or another member of the registry family or is exempt as a result of international conventions (for example, diplomats and foreign military personnel) and the appropriate substitutive declaration has been submitted (code 2);
  • the applicant has paid the fee by charging the electricity bills, and himself or another member of the registry family also paid the fee in different ways, for example by charging the pension – (code 3);
  • the applicant paid the rent by charging the electricity bills and the same rent was also paid by debiting the invoices relating to an electrical user in the name of another component from the same registry family (code 4);
  • the applicant submitted the self-declaration of non-detention of television sets by himself and the members of his registry family (code 5).
  • it is also possible to indicate one different motivation from the previous ones, briefly summarizing the reason for the request in the appropriate space of the model (code 6).

TV fee, how to submit a refund application

But how is the refund application presented? The application can be submitted telematically by the owner of the electricity user, by his heirs or by authorized intermediaries, through the specific web application (you can download the application form who).

Alternatively, the refund request can be presented, together with a copy of a valid identification document, through the registered mail service at the following address: Revenue Agency – Provincial Directorate I of Turin – Canone TV Office – Post office box 22 – 10121 Turin.

TV license, how and when does the refund take place?

The reimbursements recognized are made by the electricity companies by crediting the first useful invoice, or with other methods provided that the actual disbursement is ensured within 45 days of receipt, by the electricity companies themselves, useful information for making the reimbursement, sent by the Revenue Agency.

In the event that the reimbursement made by the electricity company is not successful, this is ordered by the Revenue Agency – Provincial Directorate I of Turin – TV Fee Office.

TV license, how to cancel your TV subscription

It is of course also possible cancel the RAI season ticket with a substitutive declaration.

Persons holding an electricity supply user for residential domestic use who want to cancel their subscription because they no longer have televisions in any home must submit the replacement declaration of non-possession (you can download it who).

The self-declaration must be submitted every year if you still do not have the television. However, the cancellation of the subscription is no longer foreseen, requiring the sealing of the TV set.

To take effect for the full year, the declaration of non-detention must be filed starting from 1 July of the previous year and by 31 January of the reference year.

The declaration presented from February 1st and by June 30th of the reference year takes effect for the rent due for the July-December semester of the same year.

TV fee, how to apply for cancellation

The self-declaration can be presented by:

  • web application available on the Agenzia delle Entrate website
  • qualified intermediaries
  • certified e-mail, provided that the declaration itself is signed with a digital signature. The digitally signed declaration must be sent by PEC to the address [email protected]
  • paper form, by sending by postal service to the TV Canone Office – cp22 Turin – by registered post without envelope together with a copy of a valid identification document.



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