TV CHOSUN’s ‘Kidden Time’ episode 5: Helping a 10-year-old girl’s growth hormone deficiency

In the 5th episode of TV CHOSUN’s ‘Kidden Time’, which will be aired on the 4th, Hye-Young Park (endocrinology specialist), chairperson of Incheon Himchan General Hospital, helps the growth of a 10-year-old girl suffering from a decrease in growth hormone.

On this day’s broadcast, a mother of a child who is suffering from a particularly short stature and low weight than her peers appears and receives a growth solution. Normal growth is a concern due to unhealthy eating habits, such as liking jelly, sweets, and chocolate, eating less, and refusing food with a soft texture.

It is expected to solve the questions of viewers, such as how to regularly eat balanced meals for children who urgently need to correct their eating habits, and how to exercise according to their body type and which are not good for growth. In addition, based on the results of detailed health checkups, hospital medical staff introduce spine and joint stretching methods, growth plate stimulation methods, and suggest correct height growth solutions.

Park Hye-young, director of Incheon Himchan General Hospital, said, “If you are 10 years old, you are at an age when your body grows slowly and your skeletal formation becomes clear. “If you are unusually shorter or taller than your peers, you need to examine whether there are other causes of hormonal imbalance besides your eating habits,” he said.

In addition, the broadcast introduces a method to check for growth hormone deficiency when it is judged that there is a problem with growth, such as bone age younger than the calendar age and the percentile is low. In addition, it will inform how to check the highest concentration to know the state of growth hormone secretion through various growth hormone stimulation tests.

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Meanwhile, ‘Kidden Time’ is broadcast every Sunday at 11:50 am, and not only provides correct information on height growth, but also various concerns related to children’s growth, such as early puberty, constitutional growth delay, and idiopathic short stature. Introducing the solution.

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